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Rental Market Update: March Sees Fluctuations in Asking Rents

Updated: Apr 23

Rental Market Update: March Sees Fluctuations in Asking Rents

The latest report from Urbanation paints a mixed picture of Canada's rental market in March, showing both gains and declines in asking rents compared to last year and the previous month.

National Trends:

  • Year-over-Year Increase: Compared to March last year, the average asking rent across all home types surged by 8.8%, with a notable rise in one-bedroom units by 11.3% and two-bedroom units by 10.6%.

  • Month-over-Month Dip: However, the momentum slowed slightly from February, with asking rents dipping by 0.6% on average.

Regional Variations:

  • British Columbia: Notably, British Columbia saw a 1.9% decline in average asking rents for purpose-built and condominium apartments, a departure from the national trend.

  • Ontario: On the other hand, Ontario experienced a modest increase of 0.4% compared to last March.

  • Alberta and Saskatchewan: These provinces witnessed the most significant growth in rents, with average asking prices soaring by 18.3% and 18.2% annually, respectively.

City Insights:

  • Vancouver: Despite being renowned for its high rents, Vancouver witnessed a 4.9% decrease, falling below the $3,000-level for the first time since July 2022.

  • Toronto: Canada's largest city also saw a decline in average rental prices, marking the third consecutive month of annual rent decreases, down by 1.3%.

  • Edmonton: Edmonton stood out with robust rent growth, boasting a 15.9% increase from last March, reaching an average of $1,507.

Government Response:

  • Federal Initiative: In response to the escalating financial strain on renters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced plans for a renters' bill of rights, aiming to ensure fairer rental practices and considerations for renters' financial history in credit assessments.


March brought about a blend of fluctuations in Canada's rental market, showcasing divergent trends across regions and cities. While some areas experienced significant growth, others saw declines, underscoring the complexity of the current rental landscape. With the proposed federal measures, there's hope for improved transparency and support for renters navigating these challenging times.

Source From: Wealth Professional
Adapted by Jose Gustavo

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