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🏡 Ontario Embraces Housing Expansion: New Zoning Update!

Hello, Peterborough community! 🏘️ We’re thrilled to share a quick update on a positive change brewing in our city. Recent news reveals that the city council has taken a step forward in allowing homeowners to potentially add up to two residential units on their properties. This exciting development aligns with Ontario’s Bill 23 and could mean more housing options for our residents.

💡 Bill 23 in Action

Ontario’s Bill 23, the More Homes Built Faster Act, aims to encourage housing growth and boost supply. The city council’s endorsement of a staff report to amend a zoning bylaw paves the way for this expansion. It could mean that homeowners have the opportunity to add an extra residential unit, creating more living space.

🚗 Parking and Tax Considerations

While the news is promising, some city councillors have raised concerns about parking availability and potential tax implications. The staff report acknowledges these considerations and emphasizes that homeowners will need to assess any financial impacts themselves.

📈 Homeownership Opportunities

This step is a significant one in addressing housing needs and giving homeowners the chance to expand their properties. As we move forward, let’s keep an eye on more updates and details about this exciting change.

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