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Despite easing rates, bank CEOs say clients face $400-$500 monthly mortgage payment hikes at renewal

Understanding the Mortgage Renewal Landscape in 2024

In a recent update from the RBC Capital Markets 2024 Canadian Bank CEO Conference, significant insights were shared by top bank CEOs, shedding light on the potential challenges and opportunities in the mortgage renewal space for the coming year. Here are the key takeaways:

Anticipated Decline in Interest Rates

RBC President and CEO Dave McKay expressed optimism about an anticipated decline in interest rates throughout 2024. This, he believes, will help soften the impact of mortgage renewal payment shocks. Despite this positive outlook, McKay and other Big Bank CEOs estimate that clients may still face monthly payment hikes of $400 to $500 this year.

Shallow Recession and Faster Economic Recovery

McKay also highlighted that falling interest rates should contribute to a shallower recession and a quicker economic recovery. Lower rates are expected to alleviate payment shocks, freeing up cash flow for consumers to spend in the economy.

Mortgage Renewals and Portfolio Breakdown

Analysts estimate a substantial $251 billion in mortgages due for renewal in 2024, with an additional $352 billion in 2025. At RBC, which is Canada's largest mortgage lender, around 14% of its $300-billion mortgage portfolio will be up for renewal in 2024, with larger portions in 2025 and 2026. McKay expects rates to decrease significantly by 2025 and 2026.

Impact on Mortgage Holders

Despite the easing of rates, most mortgage holders are expected to face substantial monthly payment increases at renewal. McKay estimates an average increase of $400 per month in 2024, representing a 20% to 25% rise. However, he emphasizes that consumers have been managing well, utilizing savings, adjusting spending habits, and benefiting from a 20% increase in average incomes since 2019.

Insights on Delinquencies and Housing

On the topic of delinquencies, RBC's McKay anticipates a slight worsening through 2024 but notes that certain asset classes are still in the normalization phase. Regarding housing, McKay stresses the need for lower rates to boost confidence in pre-sale activity and facilitate the construction of more projects.

Miscellaneous Insights from the Conference

Other notable comments from the conference include TD Bank President and CEO Bharat Masrani's focus on improving mortgage processing and Scotiabank President and CEO Scott Thomson's emphasis on deepening client relationships.

In summary, while there's optimism about declining interest rates and their potential positive effects on the economy, mortgage holders should be prepared for substantial payment increases at renewal. The resilience of consumers, coupled with ongoing efforts by banks to enhance services, will play a crucial role in navigating these changes.


Source From: Wealth Professional

Adapted by Jose Gustavo

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